Folding Top & Side Curtains

Just after Christmas 2014, I decided to look into one of several bins and boxes that we quickly packed up in 2011.  I hadn’t recalled what we had put in each box and I was astonished to find the entire top (a bit munched by critters) and a full set of remarkably intact side curtains.

The material is advertised as mohair.  I will need an expert to confirm this.

The pattern (see the close-up photo) will probably be impossible to find – gray with black pinstripe. But — we will do some looking.

Top & Dog

Top – exterior




Fabric close-up&grommet

Close up of fabric (mostly interior) small bit of exterior & back of grommet


side curtain set2

Two side curtains with windows (cracked but intact).

Mystery top section

Mystery top section in pretty bad shape. I don’t know where this goes.

Side curtain set1

Another two pieces of side curtains – a square window – cracked.

I also found several snaps that had a MICHIGAN detail embossed on the cap.


MICHIGAN snap cover – exterior of top


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