The engine on this car was made by the BUDA Motor Company.Buda "Model T" left side diagramBUDA "T" Motor StatisticsHere is a photo of both sides of the 40 hp. Buda engine before I started work on it. This is the way we found it in 2011.  I understand that Phillip Dickey, Steve Dickey’s father (prior owners and cousins of my wife, Janet) worked on the car in the 1970’s. Bits of silicone sealant on various parts, and some grey anti-seize lubricant show evidence that MOST of the parts of the engine have been touched at some point. The reddish pink paint that covers everything may be their addition too.  I’ll ask Steve when we talk again.

Engine left side

Left Side
Bottom, left to right — oil pump, water pump, magneto, oil filler, fly wheel
Top, left to right — radiator, fan, priming cups, magneto coils, acetylene starter pump (with all the little tubes coming out)

Engine Right Side

Right Side
Bottom, left to right, steering column & steering gear, carburetor and intake pipe
Middle, L to R, exhaust manifold, valve adjustment covers
Top, L to R, magneto coil box, acetylene injector (next to white spark plugs), spark plugs are white

I have attached a PDF of a pamphlet from Buda Motors regarding our “T” engine, below.

BUDA “T” Motor-Btn#172

And here is a contemporary pamphlet regarding maintenance:

Care of BUDA -Btn#176

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  1. Hi Folks
    Fantastic website, the reason I say so is I live in England and have the remains of a model 40 that I am amazing parts and information to get a rebuild under way. Send me an email and I’ll get some images across and you can see my problems. There was a model 40 in Manchester about 3 hours North from Cambridge where I live. When I first bought the pile of parts I went to see this car and was lucky enough to spend a morning lying under the car taking photo’s with a digital camera and trying to gather as much information as possible. I have been in touch with the Antique Car clubs in the States but have found out virtually nothing from them at all. They thought that there were only 5 still around so great to hear there are more survivors than I thought.

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