Support the Dash — Headed towards the “Starting Line”

While this restoration isn’t really a race, the reassembly of the running gear was aimed at actually attempting to start the engine.  All to be accomplished before taking steps to put the body, fenders, and other parts back on the car.  To that end, I needed to come up with some sort of temporary frame to support the dashboard – firewall on to which the starting coil and steering column are attached.  When the body is on the car, this is not a problem.  Without the body, the dash just wants to flop around. Probably NOT a good thing.

I made lots of measurements and came up with some temporary wood brackets that would accommodate the floor boards and pedals as well as making room for a temporary seat, should I actually get the engine started.  By September this is what it looked like.

Temporary dash & floor board support frame.

On August 22, 2016, I picked up the finished BRIGGS Magneto from Carl Bloom and started re-assembly of the car’s components in preparation for trying to get the engine started. But all that had to wait until after a much anticipated trip East to attend the gigantic auto parts swap meet in Hershey Pennsylvania.

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