Our car is a 1912 Model K, which was the largest 40 horsepower 5 passenger touring car that was made.  The 40 hp, 312 cubic inch displacement cars became known as “The Mighty Michigan” with a 116 inch wheelbase and 34 x 4 inch demountable rim wheels. This was a physically big car for the time, especially when compared to the most popular car, the Ford Model T, with 22 hp, 177 cubic inch displacement and a 100 inch wheelbase. If we are to believe the public scale we rolled our trailer over with the car inside, the car weighs a bit over 3000 pounds.  A Model T Ford touring weighs about 1200 pounds.

I have attached a page of Bulletin No. 172 from the Buda Motor Company that explains the features of the MODEL “T” engine. This is BUDA’s designation for the 40 horse power motor that went into the MICHIGAN Model K automobile. Please DO NOT get this confused with the FORD MODEL T automobile. They have nothing in common, just a confusingly similar name.

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