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The transmission on our MICHIGAN is a 3 forward speed and one reverse “H” pattern transmission. The “H” refers to the pattern the shifter follows. The photos below show the transmission disconnected from the clutch and double universal joints that connect it to the drive train and engine.

Transmission Trans & Shifter

Transmission top side clean - July 13, 2016

Transmission top side clean – July 13, 2016

You can observe that the outline of our transmission is substantially similar to the one advertised below by the MICHIGAN AUTOMOBILE COMPANY — NOT THE MICHIGAN BUGGY COMPANY OR MICHIGAN MOTOR CAR COMPANY.  Michigan Automobile Company was the manufacturer of a different automobile circa 1903 -1907. This was a venture by the Blood family and the Fuller family. The Fullers left the auto manufacturing business and concentrated on transmissions, but still kept the Michigan Automobile Company name until 1913. Confusing, isn’t it. Oh…… and the Fuller’s had their business located in Kalamazoo as well.  REALLY confusing.

Michigan Automobile Company Transmission Ad

Michigan Automobile Company Transmission Ad – circa 1911

Here is a photo of the transmission in Mike Howard’s 1912 Model K. Note the gear selector lever and brake lever differ from ours, but the top of the transmission is exactly what appears in the ad above. The casting and bolt patterns match exactly.

Mike Howard's Model K transmission & levers

Mike Howard’s Model K transmission & levers

Articles in contemporary auto magazines noted the confusion and the decision to finally change the name of the transmission company in 1912, to Fuller & Sons Manufacturing.

Confusing name finally changed. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Confusing name finally changed. CLICK TO ENLARGE

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  1. Hi Guys
    Any detailed images of the throttle action as I have to fabricate the parts for the side to side action and was really excited to see the photo’s without floorboards !

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