Nuts & Bolts

IMG_0246We arrived back in California with the MICHIGAN on July 18, 2013 and rolled it out into our garage. Then we started to unpack the piles of loose parts and components that were in boxes and plastic containers stored in both front and back seats.

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  1. Thanks J.T. — I’m looking for any information that may exist (both hands-on and documentary) regarding 1) acetylene starters and 2) early BUDA engines. Our car has both.

  2. Still working on the MM?
    If so, you may want to contact Mr. Mike Howard of Kalamazoo. He owns several and owns the factory building they were built in. Very intelligent man.

    • Yes, I know Mike Howard. Last Fall (2015) we visited his factory building and his home garage & saw his 1912 & 1913 chassis & body. On that trip we had dinner with both Mike & Nancy Howard and David & Jane Lyon. David O. Lyon has written extensively regarding the MICHIGAN in his book “THE KALAMAZOO AUTOMOBILIST”. It is without any doubt the definitive resource regarding MICHIGAN automobiles and the remarkable and sordid history of the MICHIGAN MOTOR CAR COMPANY. Mike and I trade MICHIGAN information from time to time.

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