Lots of Progress in July 2016

A lot was accomplished during July of 2016. After Tori & I got the axles back on the car, I added in the transmission, which I have yet to open or otherwise mess with, other than exterior cleaning.

The transmission goes back in on July 17, 2016

Then I reconnected the drive shaft & universal joint to the back of the transmission. Unbeknownst to us at the time — the entire drive shaft assembly including the differential case had been seriously messed with at some point and was put into the car UPSIDE DOWN.

The drive shaft tube and entire interior differential gearing is all UPSIDE DOWN. The car came to us that way.

My Dad, Vince, came down from Fresno to help re-install the engine on July 27, 2016.

My Dad helped install the engine.

Later in the day, I removed the oil pan to inspect the crank shaft, rod caps and anything else that might look amiss or wrong.

Oil pan, after a bit of cleaning

Crank showing blue silicone sealant towards the front seal and #1 & #4 rods in down position. Note rod caps and main bearings are held down with 4 bolts each.

Nothing seemed obviously wrong or loose. Just inside the oil pan was an interior splash pan which was part of the same oil pan casting (aluminum) positioned so that the crank throws would splash through oil as the engine rotated, with the oil pump pick-up line in the sump below.

Photo from under the car showing oil pan sump pickup line.

Photo shows rod #4 with oil pump drive / cam lobe top center of picture.

Dad points out the splash tray portion of the oil pan casting.

With the engine in, it was time to re-install the leather cone clutch and front universal joint.

Leather cone clutch goes back into fly wheel.

Brake & clutch pedals are already in and the last bolt goes into the universal joint.

By July 31, 2016, I had also attached the water jacket cover, water pump, spark plug & acetylene injector plugs, exhaust manifold & exhaust pipe and temporarily attache the steering column & steering wheel.

July 31, 2016

July 30, 2016

It’s starting to look like a car again.


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