Early Vehicle Registration — 1914

This is what a document from the DMV (before it was called DMV) looks like.  The service was probably pretty good too.  It seems that the original signature of the Indiana Secretary of State is on each vehicle registration form.  I don’t know about your state, but we don’t get service like that very often in California. I note that the horsepower notation is lower than the advertised 40 horsepower of the BUDA engine in our car.  Interesting.  Perhaps a lower license fee if the horsepower is lower?

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Michigan Reg. 1914 & envelope

Michael Fleck’s 1914 Automobile Registration Certificate for our MICHIGAN. It is accompanied by the envelope in which the certificate was mailed.

Note that the ENGINE NUMBER (477567) is used as the “factory number” and that the horsepower is listed as 36, and not 40.


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